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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

You have all the traffic in the world but you are struggling to convert these visitors to buyers? No problem . I've tried many platforms but this one seems to be the most simple yet innovative so far. This platform is Nudgify, I absolutely love the UI and cant believe how simple they everything feel. With a couple clicks you can get notifications posted on your site that will convert the way you need.

Add/Integrate Nudgify

Nudgify can be used alongside every major website-builder and CMS. Adding the Pixel takes no time, and your Nudges are managed from within Nudgify itself. Some examples being Wix, Click funnels, BigCommerce, Magento, and many more. Nudgify can also be added as a plugin or a native integration with the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. Get Social Proof for WordPress or install the Native Shopify Social Proof App with one click. You can add Nudgify to any website by inserting the Nudgify Pixel directly or with Google Tag Manager.

Increase engagement and conversions with psychological triggers

Nudgify comes along with several psychological triggers that will increase your engagement and conversions. Some include Social Proof, FOMO, Social Proof, Urgency, Friction, even Custom Nudge's! If you want to create your own notification you can with their custom nudge feature.

Create a More Human Experience

Using Their Social Proof app, you can show your visitors things they don’t usually see – like who else is online, and what they’re doing. These things add up to make your website feel more human.

To summarize everything if you want to improve your conversions by 100% try Nudgify for free TODAY. You will make your users feel comfortable and influence them to continue to do business with you. Like I said before it's always nice to have people go to your website but to convert that into profit is the big step, and Nudgify can help execute that for you . If you haven't yet, go and read my other blog discussing ways to advertise and elevate your business!

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