How to take your Ebook Selling to a Whole New Level

Updated: Mar 23

You have bought your first Ebook and now you wonder how you can get people to buy it. Well thankfully there's a plethora of things you can do to market your Ebooks. In this post you will see all the things you need to know to get started in changing your life TODAY.

Before we go into all the things to market your Ebooks lets first talk about PLR and why this can be game changing.. PLR (Private Label Rights) is a money making machine right now. It allows you to save so much time on making your own business content. This can all range from software and articles to templates and videos. Private Label Rights EBooks are another genre of PLR products that can be extremely profitable.

Private Labeled Ebooks is the concept of buying an Ebook that is authored by someone else, then reselling as your own. This can be a big time saver and also allow you more time to market it yourself. When purchasing an Ebook you want to be sure that you provide your readers with accurate, engaging, and well-written content. It will be very helpful to add a graphic design or personalize your eBook content to set you apart from others within your business niche. Taking that extra time into your work will help you bring in the customers and results you want!

1. Google AdWords

Google Adwords is the largest Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising service, and it can be a very essential marketing tool for PLR ebooks. You may be asking what exactly Adwords are. These are small boxes that contain blue colored advertisement links for services or products like an eBook.

Adwords typically show up to the right of search engine results pages (SERPS) once the search user has input their search terms. These search terms then trigger related Adwords to be shown to the user once the search is completed. These Google Adwords will also be present on associated blogs and web pages.

It is relatively simple to start an Adwords advertising push to market your PLR eBooks. You just simply need to sign up for this service, and then place the funds your marketing budget has allocated to this service into your account. Every time that your ad gets a click, you will be charged, but Google does often issue coupons that can give you free click credits.

Finally, you will want to create your Adwords campaign, which should be fetching, informative, and be accurate. If you struggle on the way it can be very helpful to use the Google Keyword Tool. This tool will tell you the most common ways that people are searching the terms that are related to your EBook niche. This will allow you to make the adjustments you need to do to get people to click on your listing. More clicks mean more exposure and potential for new buyers!

2. Blogs

Blogging was always something someone did as a fun activity on their spare time, nowadays its a crazy big marketing and business tool, this all happen in less than two decades. If you want to earn money doing this you will need to pick a niche and stick to it/stay consistent until you are an expert. If you're marketing PLR Ebooks as I recommend, this niche has so much room to grow. It's the opposite of a saturated niche and if you commit a lot of time blogging in this you can net huge profits.

If you continue to post and spread a lot of knowledge in your specific niche people will begin to seek/see you as an "expert" which will drive in more traffic and profit.

A big check in your checklist as you're making your blog is don't just jam pack it with information you want to make sure you visualize how client/consumers will feel about your posts. Take time and focus on your presentation, you want to be as appealing and relatable to your audience as possible.

Another BIG thing to make sure you do is check out your competition. If they are successful in certain areas that you're not or you see something that is working well that they are doing, try to implement this into you're blog or business strategy. This will all make you more effective in your marketing.

And Finally..... What is a website or blog without traffic? You can always hire a freelancer on but I've found that the best way to drive traffic is getting the best tool there is and never having to rely on someone. SEMRush is that tool. They have on Page SEO tools and even have a wide spread of support to teach you all you need to know about SEO. That's what i love about them. You can enroll in their SEO Fundamentals Course for FREE. I can talk all day about the amount of tools they have and all they can offer but all I can say is don't sit back and expect your site to get traffic on it's own. Either research deeply on SEO or get the best tool out there to do the work for you. Your only job is making sure that traffic converts.

3. Instagram Ads

Millions of people all over the world are active on all types of social media every single day. One of the best marketing strategies you can ever do is leveraging off of these services. Our personal favorite social media site for marketing PLR products, this including EBooks, is Instagram.

Why would our favorite be Instagram? Instagram PER month has over a billion users. Out of all those users, almost half of them are active on a day to day basis. This in itself shows the potential of reach you can have marketing on it. Instagram itself is a very easy to navigate site and users love it so getting followers and likes will come swarming in if you have content or products that people want to see.

When you're making an Instagram post don't expect just to get an insane amount of people on your page. Using multiple good hashtags so that people can run into your post when they search for something specific is so important.

Keyword and hashtag research can really be rewarding if done correctly.

4. Instagram Influencer Marketing

As you can see we love Instagram and believe that it is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools for PLR Ebooks or any business. You can take it even further than only hashtags and keywords, now you can leverage off of influencer marketing.

To simplify this for you, influencer marketing is a social based marketing strategy that will use things like product shout outs and endorsements from influencers. These Instagram influencers have a big following and have an influence on their audience, hence the term influencer.

This type of marketing strategy works so good because the people who follow the influencer have grown a level of trust with them and what they post. When you have an influencer recommend your product, what you are trying to sell will become valuable or credible to them since the influencer said so.

In order to to find the best influencer to market your PLR Ebooks, you will need to do some heavy research to find the network that best represents your demographic. Then you will need to look into those individual followers and find out what influencers they are following! Once you do this it is finally time to figure out a budget.

Price will vary between influencers but it all depends on their scale. Someone with 10,000 followers will obviously charge less than someone with 100,000 followers.. With that said prices for people with 10-100k is not bad at all . You can get a lot of people with about 10-50k with promo's for less than 25$ .

5. Start a Youtube Channel

If you are looking to engage and build your brand audience in a multi-media fashion, creating a YouTube channel for your brand and business is step that will definitely be necessary. YouTube isn’t just for video production experts, this platform can be a powerful tool for marketing your EBooks.

To begin, you can use the strategy I said earlier with blogs, go around and look at your competition of people in the same niche as you. This will allow you to see the type of video posts that get the most views and comments, along with the highest ratings. Having this knowledge can be so useful since it will show you how to come up with similar engaging content.

Once you have done your research, it is time to design your post and ensure you are filling it with keywords. Putting popular keywords in your video title is the best way to make sure it is showing in searches. We find that the Google Keyword Tool can help hit those all-important words and phrases.

Next step you will need to create a thumbnail and make sure it catches people's eye. If you're like me and you're not good at making thumbnails just go to and hire someone for a couple bucks to make it for you! Include a great call to action (CTA) in each video and make sure links to your sales website are clearly accessible to maximize clicks.

I find it very effective if you organize your marketing videos all in a playlist so your channel is easy to navigate. This will give your users all they need in one spot. Remember, this is a social platform so ask for subscriptions and likes and you will see them flood in.

If you struggle with ranking your Youtube videos I've done all the research for you. Thankfully there's a platform that you can use that will help rank your videos and help you set them up for traffic. It's called Tubebuddy. Feel free to look at the reviews about any Youtube channel that is successful uses this platform it will do all the work for you and make it so all you gotta do is come up with the content itself!

6. Start A Podcast

Not everyone in your audience wants to spend their days watching videos or hanging out on social media. Many individuals are huge fans of learning information just by listening. For these members of your audience, marketing your PLR eBooks through podcasting is the way to go.

Podcasts are a valuable way to reach your clients and consumers wherever they may be. Audio is a highly successful yet often overlooked sales strategy. The reason this marketing strategy is so valuable is because with podcasts it will let your listeners grow a personal and intimate relationship to your PLR Ebook Brand. Reasoning is being a podcast host you get to talk directly to your target consumers. This creates a direct connection between them and your brand.

Podcasts also cause your listeners to become engaged in what you are saying through utilizing imagination and envisioning techniques. This can cause a feeling of increased engagement and ownership, thus motivating your listeners to want to make a purchase.

When you create your podcast, there are many steps that you can take in the making and editing of your presentation of your eBook marketing message that can promote strong brand identity. Everything from the way that you speak to the music clips that you choose creates a strong atmosphere of identity around your product. You can even have an affiliate partner promote your podcasts to gain more listenership.

7. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a media platform based completely on discovery. When users input a search term, they get thousands of relevant and mostly unbranded pins returned to them. When you use Pinterest ads to market your PLR eBooks brand, you have potential exposure to Pinterest’s nearly 250 million users.

With the platform based completely on discovery you have a lot of potential here. Studies also show that pinners spend more money on products they have been exposed to on Pinterest compared to competing social media platforms. If this doesn't tell that money can be made here I don't know what will.

What I like about Pinterest ads is there is a bunch of of options of ad types you can go through.

Some are:

  • Promoted pins

  • One-tap pins

  • Promoted carousels

  • Promoted video pins

  • Promoted app pins

  • Buyable pins

  • Story pins

The options are great, and give your business a chance to thrive through marketing your PLR eBooks here. It’s worth signing up for an account and getting started on Pinterest.

You made it to the end! At EBooks Connection our goal is to put money in YOUR pocket. If any questions feel free to contact us through our main page I would love to interact with any of you. Feel free to scroll through some of our other blogs there will be more uploaded throughout time!


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